Letter Perfect

Despite my whining earlier in the week, things did get better. First, I did my weekly weigh-in at Weight Watchers and finally lost some significant poundage – 2.8 to be exact. I found out that I wasn’t eating enough points during the day so my body was getting cranky and refusing to lose any weight. I recalculated my points allowance and discovered I needed two extra ones a day. That’s quite a bit. So that made me feel better. I also received my final grade for my metals class. Drumroll please…yep, I got an A. Anyone who thinks I receive perfect grades because I’m friends with the professor is really wrong. Being friends with Sarah actually means I need to work harder because she knows what I’m capable of. Truth is, I worked my butt off to get that grade.

So the week ends on a high note. It’s cooler here which means we can turn off the air and open the windows, it’s Friday (which everyone loves) and school’s out. Now it’s time for me to start working on my show pieces for October. Believe it or not, it’ll be here before I know it!


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3 responses to “Letter Perfect

  1. Congrats on the A! And the 2.8 lbs!

  2. Anne

    Way to go on both your A and especially your weigh-in. I think I found those 2.8 pounds so next time please don’t leave them where I can find them! I go weigh next week – I had 1.8 pounds leeway in April so hope I haven’t gone over my 2 point margin this month. I sure would hate to pay – I need the money for gas….oh yeah, and to leave to you in my will! Almost forgot!

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