Tag, You're It

Cyberfriend [Staci](http://www.verypink.com/index.htm) has tagged me and challenged me to list seven random things about myself. So I thought I’d play. Here goes…

* I own 16 (yes, sixteen) pairs of [Birkenstocks](http://www.baumhouse.com/) alone. Of course, this is merely a drop in my shoe bucket, but still, a large amount of one brand of shoe. My favorite style is the Gizeh; I own 8 pair of those in various patterns and colors.

* Despite currently being a jewelry artist, I only took one art class in college. It was Drawing 101 and I’m terrible at drawing.

* If I didn’t make jewelry, I think I’d like to learn woodworking or glassblowing. Guess I have a thing for working with dangerous tools!

* I keep my toes properly pedicured even through the winter.

* After wearing nail polish on my fingernails continuously since 6th grade, I quit last fall and haven’t painted them since.

* At last count, I had over 80 bottles of nail polish. All were [OPI](http://www.opi.com/).

* I have a fascination with abandoned buildings. I always want to explore them.

I’m tagging [Anne](http://keckeley.wordpress.com/), [Cindy](http://herethereandback.blogspot.com/), [Steve](http://www.houseofwarwick.com/), [Zarah](http://www.beautyschooldropout.net/), [Greg](http://gregoryholman.blogspot.com/), Suzanne, and [Miriam](http://alexandmiriam.blogspot.com/). Hope they all decide to play!


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4 responses to “Tag, You're It

  1. Suzanne

    This is hard! I have to think on it a bit…I don’t think anything I do is that interesting.

  2. Cindy

    It’s harder than it looks …

  3. It is not hard, you guys! Just think of seven random things. They don’t have to be really deep!

  4. Miriam

    I share the fascination with abandoned buildings – I did my senior year (college) art show with the theme of abandoned buildings – broken glass, warped boards, outdated signage…don’t know why I find it so interesting but I do. I guess not everyone shares the same interest…my mom called my show “urban blight” and said it made her feel depressed! : )

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