Wheel Fun

Lately I’ve been obsessed with making pinwheel earrings. Not just any pinwheels, but ones that actually work. I’ve been making copper samples and finally figured out the formula yesterday. So here’s a picture of my pinwheel earrings that I just made. They really spin! They are about 1/2″ in diameter and hang about 1 1/2″. So cute!



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3 responses to “Wheel Fun

  1. Anne

    These are totally cool – I’m fascinated with how you can even imagine these and then actually make them and they spin too! I still predict that one of these days your work will be featured in a national magazine or on Oprah – I don’t think you can even begin to fathom your own talent!

    Good call yesterday on the WD question – I’m quite impressed with your business accumen.

  2. Thank you for the compliment and you are correct – I really can’t fathom my own talent. I guess I just keep working to get better and better in the hopes that one day I’ll impress myself!

    The earrings are very fun and easy to wear. Don’t know if I’ll make masses of them to sell, but maybe a pair or two for the summer.

  3. Suzanne

    AdOrAbLe for summer fun!

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