Happy Birthday

Happy birthday, Steve! Hope you have a good one despite the fact you have to drive to Arkansas. Remember, you’re not old, you’re 37.


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2 responses to “Happy Birthday

  1. Happy B-day, taSK!

    Tam, I had him pegged at 33 for the longest time. Snazzy!

  2. Anne

    I talked to Steve last evening after I left you – he was in his room playing with a remote controlled plane – boys and their toys!!!

    Thanks for the shoe advice – I plan to check out the Phoenix Dillard’s shoe department as long as I’m here! Someone told me it doesn’t cost anything to try them on – is that right?

    My hair looks great today – too bad I’ll probably have to re-do it before I got out tonight but I’m not going to stay inside just to preserve a good ‘do.

    Enjoyed seeing you last night – have a fun weekend and enjoy Ocean Zen.

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