Fun in the Smokies

Weekends in Gatlinburg are pretty exciting – if you like crowds and air-brushed t-shirts. Friday night, Sarah, Rhiannon and I skipped dinner and walked down to the brewery for some real beer. The beer was great, the food was ok, and it was nice to leave campus. Things here get pretty crowded on the weekend so we were lucky to get served quickly without much of a wait.

Saturday we all decided to check out the outlet mall in Sevierville (pronounced Severe-ville) right outside of Pigeon Forge. You have to drive the entire strip of Pigeon Forge to get to the mall, so we left early to avoid the crowds.Sarah, being the exercise guru she is (we’ve named her Biker Betty) rode her bike while Rhiannon and I followed in the car. We arrived early and found that this mall is outstanding. They have a Gap, Banana Republic and…a Puma store! I was in heaven. Although I can spend the better part of the day shopping, I knew my companions didn’t share that desire so I only went to the places that I loved most. As always, the Gap outlet came through and I scored some big bargains there. Banana Republic was the perfect stop to get Steve several new shirts and the Puma store had a great selection. I left with a new pair of shoes and a cool t-shirt. We came back to Arrowmont and worked the rest of the day. I got a lot accomplished and am ready for the next week.

Doug Harling arrived today and I’m really excited about tomorrow. My plans are to granulate my cup and enamel the inside. I promise I’ll have pictures once I return!

Happy Birthday Julia! You’re the cutest 4 year-old I know. Only two days until my birthday! Shop early and shop often.

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