I’ve noticed several funny things about Gatlinburg and Tennessee in general. First, there is a huge population of foreigners here! Not just visitors, but people who live and work here. Most have a Russian accent and one waiter of ours said he was from Serbia. It’s just unusual to see so many of them in one area.

Second is the volume of pancake houses. Walk a block and you’ll most likely pass four of them. Sarah commented that she wanted to eat one pancake at every pancake house and a local told her she’d be full in no time flat. I have yet to eat a pancake here but it seems like something I should do before I leave.

Air brushing is alive and well here in the Smoky Mountains. Almost every block has a shop that boasts air brushing art. I really thought that had died in the 80s but apparently it just moved to Tennessee.

Rhiannon said I’m picking up a twang so I guess I’d better get out of here soon before I’m mistaken for a local!

Tomorrow is my birthday! Do you have your shopping done yet?

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  1. Shopping? Oh, yeah…PSYCH!

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