Birthday Fun

Today is my birthday and, silly me, I was afraid I wouldn’t enjoy it away from home. However, all my family and friends made sure it was a special day for me.

Steve called first thing this morning to wish me a happy birthday. Mom sent me two cards that included pics of my adorable nieces and some nice cash (I plan to spend some of it on a hand-dyed scarf from an Arrowmont artist). Suzanne also sent me a card so now my bench is deocrated with well wishes. This morning, when I left my room, Rhiannon had taped birthday streamers from my door way and then deocrated my bench. Throughout the day I received flowers from Steve, cupcakes from Sarah and Rhiannon, ice cream treats in the afternoon, a stuffed black bear (a personal joke this week) and a special blackberry cobbler for dessert. Steve called the kitchen and asked if they’d make me something for my birthday. Tonight’s plans include celebrating with a drink, but we’ll probably stay here. It’s really hot outside and we have so much work to do!

So a big thanks to everyone for making me feel really special on my birthday. I love all of you!

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