14 Days

Today marks two weeks since I’ve been home. While I’m having a good time here, I admit I do miss some things about home.

First, I miss my hubby! It was weird to celebrate my birthday without him, but he managed to make the day special anyway.

I miss my morning routine. Here it’s get up, shower, eat breakfast (because they only serve it until 8:30) and start working. At home I’d get up, work out, have some coffee and read the newspaper while watching the Today show.

I miss my wardrobe! I’m tired of t-shirts, crop pants and sandals. Yes, I’d probably wear that at home, but I like choices. Today it was: do I wear the black t-shirt or the brown t-shirt?

I miss the kitties. My little furry friends provide comic relief during the day even if they are sleeping most of the time.

I miss my studio. I’m learning so much and wish I had my entire metal inventory here. I love the studio here with the huge windows and lovely view, but at home I have everything I need.

I only have a couple more days here and so much to do. I don’t know if I’ll have a finished piece to bring home, but I plan to have several started I can finish next week. I’m still working on granulating my vessel so maybe, just maybe, it will get done in time!

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  1. Carrie

    And we miss you! Come home Tammy….!!!! 🙂

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