Almost Home!

Tomorrow is my last day at Arrowmont and, while I’ll miss the class, I’m anxious to get home and get back to my routine. Alas, my cup did not get granulated. After two very intense days of trying, we could never get the correct time/temperature combination in the kiln. I fired it about nine times and never got fused. I did make several cool pieces in the kiln which I plan to finish at home. I do like kiln granulation, but have learned that firing the kiln at about 1708 degrees can greatly reduce the life of the kiln. In other words, I don’t know if I want to do this at home. I think I’ll do some experimenting and see.

Steve is planning to drive all the way here to pick me up and take me home – what a guy! Actually, he loves road trips and the drive back will give us a chance to catch up on the last 17 days before we get home and I go crazy doing laundry and stuf

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