At one time in my life I was very flexible. I could move and stretch with little problem, but that has all changed. Chalk it up to a back surgery, being 40, whatever, but it sucks no matter how you slice it. Recently, I started looking for ways to shake up my stagnant workout routine so I’ve been dabbling in yoga and workout DVDs. Last week I did The Squeeze, but opted for the Power Squeeze session that’s 30 minutes long. This morning I decided to try the full session for an hour. Two things became apparent: I’m really stiff in the morning and my flexibility has gone to hell. I made it through the workout (and it’s really a hard one) but was bummed out to discover how stiff I was. I called Valerie who gave me some words of encouragement and told me it would get better (I knew that, but needed to hear it from someone else).

Tomorrow is yoga. I know that if I just keep up with this I’ll not only get better, but my flexibility will improve. At least I sure hope so!

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