End of an Era

I finished the last Harry Potter book last night. Don’t worry, I won’t be giving away any important information about the book and I ask that those commenting do the same. I do have some comments I want to make about it in general. In enjoyed the book and was glad I’d taken the time to re-read #6 before embarking on the final tale. However, the last chapter really irritated me – no, it pissed me off. It was so “After School Special” that it ruined the feeling I had in finishing the chapter before it. The whole thing was just too…tidy for my taste. Now, I’m sure I’m in a minority here but it just broke the rhythm of the book for me.

No matter how you feel about the books in general, I think they’ve been wonderful. Encouraging kids to read and enjoy books is something that can’t be bad. If you haven’t had the chance to read any of the Harry Potter books, do so! Regardless of your age they are wonderful tales of friendship, loyalty, growing up, pain, love and good vs. evil.

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