Bag Lady

Something interesting happens when you carry an expensive bag (at least it does to me). I seem to walk a bit taller, take more care with my appearance, and feel much more chic. I’d been eyeing a special bag since seeing it in Kansas City in April. I’d fallen in love with it, but felt it was too indulgent and too expensive for me to justify. After all, it’s not like I don’t already have several dozen bags to choose from in my own closet. Last weekend we were in Des Moines and I saw the bag again. It was still as gorgeous as I remembered. I looked at it, felt it, put my stuff in it and carried it around. Sigh. It was still so cool and chic. It was also still expensive so I left it at the store to go home with another fashionista. On our way home, Steve suggested we stop at the mall for some walking around time. He wanted to go to the Apple store which was conveniently located next to my purse! I took him in and he agreed it was very nice. He also noted that it was a timeless silhouette and color (man, I’ve trained him well). Then he asked how I would pay for it. Well, I said, I have some birthday money, I have money from a resale shop and I have money from writing. So, you have enough for the bag, he stated. Hmm, now that you put it that way, I guess he’s right. So, it came home with me but I haven’t taken it out of the box yet. I’m waiting until I can really enjoy filling it with all my goodies, including my now empty wallet. A small price to pay for so much chicness!


Here’s a picture of the purse. I carried it last night for the first time and it’s so comfortable!


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4 responses to “Bag Lady

  1. Miriam

    I think I need to see a picture of this bag or of you sporting your new fabulous bag – in this case – I’m guessing my imagination is not doing it justice!

  2. I have actually discovered since writing this post that owning an expensive bag is unnerving! I finally took it out of the box, but have yet to fill it with my stuff and carry it. I deposited my money in the bank today and have paid the credit card, but I’m still hesitating. Guess I’m just not used to carrying such an expensive (for me) purse! I just need to fill it, carry it and get over it.

  3. Trinny

    And post a picture! We want to see your lovely purchase!

  4. Miriam

    It is just as dreamy as you’ve described! Seriously – it is a very attractive bag – now get out there and show it off!

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