Social Distortion

What a week! It’s only Thursday but we’ve managed to cram enough social events into four days to last a month. Sunday night we returned home late from Des Moines so we called Mick and Carrie to meet us for dinner. They’d spent the weekend moving into their new home so, after dinner, we went over to their new house and enjoyed a glass of wine on their enclosed sun porch. Monday night Matt and Sarah came over after work so Sarah could shop my old Coach handbag selection before they headed off to the resale shop. One thing led to another and we ended up at their house for burgers on the grill and some Arrested Development viewing. Tuesday Mick and Carrie stopped by after finalizing the walk through on their old rental house (which was across the street) and I put together an impromptu dinner before Carrie and I headed out to TJ Maxx for some new home shopping.

Whew! Then Prudy and Duane called. They wanted to dine at the newly reopened Clary’s restaurant last night. Since we hadn’t seen them in a while and were curious about Clary’s, we went. What a night! First of all, Clary’s was one of Springfield’s premier restaurants in the late 80s and 90s. James, the owner, sold the business last year to a couple who just didn’t know what they were doing. Business suffered and it closed. James realized that serving quality food in an elegant atmosphere was what he really wanted to do so he reopened Clary’s in a new location. The atmosphere was outstanding. It was plush, but not stuffy, and very comfortable. Last night was opening night but you’d never know it. The staff was very well prepared and the food was delicious. I had the vegetable pizza, Steve had chicken picatta, Duane had the sea bass (a Clary’s specialty) and I cannot remember what Prudy ordered. Anyway, everything was wonderful. We spent an evening with good friends laughing until our faces hurt.

This morning Steve asked me what our social obligations were tonight and I was pleased to tell him we had none. I guess being social is a very small price to pay for having so many great friends. I wouldn’t change it for anything!


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2 responses to “Social Distortion

  1. Anne

    Where was I when you tried to call about your Coach bag sale? Or did none of them fit the black/red/navy category???!!! Just kidding – I’m confident you would have let me know if you thought any would match my boring wardrobe.

    And to think you call me “social” – you are the Jr. Elvis of Springfield!

  2. I only had two Coach bags: one was yellow (which Sarah bought) and the other was black but would have been too small for you. Besides, you have the red one Burl bought you!

    Oh, please. My social calendar isn’t even close to being as full as yours. This week was an exception!

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