Water, Water Everywhere

I don’t believe in watering my lawn. I look at it as a waste of resources and time. I’d rather just let it get all crispy in the hot summer sun than use gallons of water just to make it a little more green. Exceptions are for seeding and fertilizing. However, there are others who take great pride in the appearance of their lawns and watering is just part of the daily routine. It’s their money. What begins to irritate me is when they position the sprinklers to water the sidewalk at the same time making it impossible to pass without getting wet. This morning, during my walk, I was accosted by a lawn watering system that not only went over the sidewalk, but out across the entire street. Arg! Since I was one of many walkers out this morning, I’m sure I’m not the only one irritated by this. So if watering your lawn is important to you, please don’t water the sidewalk. Your neighborhood will thank you.


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3 responses to “Water, Water Everywhere

  1. Miriam

    I was informed this weekend by a grass aficionado friend of ours that it is bad to mow your grass often when it is this hot – that is causes the grass to lose moisture too quickly and leaves it looking burnt. So why not save on not watering and not mowing for awhile! : )

  2. Cindy

    You would hate it here in Stepford-land; I’m fairly certain brown grass is a violation of our deed restrictions. Not only do we love to water, but most of us have built-in sprinkler systems. Guilty as charged … but my lawn is gorgeous.

  3. I only water when it looks like the grass is dying and we do try to mow it high. So far, I’m guessing the grass is staying alive by pulling the humidity out of the air…

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