All Work and No Play…

It’s been a busy and productive week here at the studios of [Red Bee Designs]( Before they start back to school, I’ve been taking advantage of Lori and Rhiannon to get some work done for the holidays. I swear, I don’t know what I’ll do when I have to make everything myself again! It’s nice to be working on granulation while someone else does all the hammering and drilling. I still start and finish all pieces, but their contributions make work so much easier and faster. I have about 6 weeks until my big show at [Waverly House]( then the holiday season starts up big time. Guess there’s no such thing as getting ahead of the game.

Tomorrow I’m planning on taking a break and maybe spending my Sephora gift certificate. I think a new lipstick is in my immediate future!

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  1. I actually went to Sephora last week for an extra-nice-smelling D.O.

    In other news, we need to hang.

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