With temperatures in the triple digits most people take refuge in air-conditioned comfort or pools. Not us. We prefer to assemble a gazebo on our patio in the hot sun. That was the plan yesterday. We woke around 8 (early, considering our Friday night festivities), drank some coffee and got dressed to work in the yard. At 10 am it was already in the 80s and temps were rising fast. We dragged all the furniture off the patio and opened the box. Steve got out the instructions and started going over the assembly while I took the pieces out and counted them. All there and we were ready to go. We’d been outside about 45 minutes and were drenched. The instructions said it should take 45 minutes to assemble so we figured we’d double the time in estimation. I unwrapped the first two pieces and discovered the main top frame had been crushed. The round piece was oval. No big deal, I thought, I’m a metalsmith and can round this out. I went inside to my studio to hammer out the piece and discovered one of the welds had been broken. I told Steve there was no way I was going to use this and I didn’t have a welder to fix it any way. So he called the company, left a message we needed a replacement piece, we reassembled the patio and were done. All in all, about 1 hour 15 minutes of sweating for nothing. Guess it’s a sign we had no business erecting a gazebo in 100 degree weather. Next weekend is supposed to be cooler so maybe it’s good we’re waiting.

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