I spent most of the day today without the Internet or email and I can tell you it’s both relaxing and irritating. For some reason, my brain kept thinking of all these fabulous websites for design research and I’d head down the hall to the computer only to be reminded that I had no Internet access. Every time I ventured near the computer I had the urge to jostle the mouse to see if I had email. Of course I didn’t!

This afternoon it was double trouble in the Red Bee studios as Rhiannon and Lori both came over to work. We would have accomplished so much had my supplier not run out of 12 gauge fine silver wire. Seriously, who in the hell runs out of 12 ga FS wire?! However, they both worked hard and did a lot in the 2.5 hours they worked. Plus, it was fun to have them around. I set up a granulation spot and worked on some new pieces. I also took some new photos so check out my [website](http://www.redbeedesigns.com/) for the new pieces. Most won’t be available until the first weekend in October when I unveil them at the [Waverly House](http://www.waverlyhousegifts.com/) show.

So, even though I was unplugged for most of the day, I still managed to get quite a bit done. Plus, it’s nice not to think about the World Wide Web for awhile.

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  1. Red Bee Designs is beautiful!! Both the jewelry and the website! Be sure to let us know when you add something new!

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