Bert-day, Bert-day

Happy birthday to my good friend Valerie who is…29 today. I won’t reveal her real age, but let’s just say she’s only a couple of months younger than I. Valerie and I met in 1984 when we both worked for Town and County Clothiers in the Battlefield Mall. It was not friendship at first sight. She thought I was a complete nerd and I thought she was a wild party animal. These first impressions were all due to our hairstyles. I styled mine with a vent brush and had the 80s wings, and she had a spiky, punkish ‘do that was frosted. In reality, I was spending my weekends drinking and partying at the frat houses while she lived at home under the watchful eye of her mother.

I have no idea what the turning point was in our relationship, but we became friends and have been that way ever since. I love her sense of humor, her style, her musical taste and her opinionated ways. Through thick and thin, we’ve remained friends and I can’t imagine my life without her. Happy Bert-day, Jot! Love, Tammy (the coolest).


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4 responses to “Bert-day, Bert-day

  1. I would love to see a photo from the two of you in 1984. 🙂

  2. Valerie

    You forgot to mention the happenin’ braces I was sporting from the age of 18-20. Or the infamous night I showed up in hose, heels and skirt to go to my first real frat party. I was cool. Oh, yeah.

    Thanks for the birthday shout 🙂

  3. Roberta Smith

    Let’s be clear…Valerie is the coolest!!

  4. Hmmm…my blog my rules. I say, I’m the coolest! I do thank you for your effort, Roberta!

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