Working For The Weekend

It’s been a long week for some reason. I got a lot of work done, but the week feels like it has lasted forever. Fortunately, it’s Friday and it’s a three-day weekend. Yay! I know Steve really needs it after driving to and from Arkansas two days in a row. He was beat last night, mentally and physically. I hope this weekend resets his clock.

For a change we have no plans to go out of town. Ralph and Blair are in Chicago so a trip to Des Moines wasn’t even considered. Tomorrow night we’re going to dinner with Valerie and Kevin to celebrate Valerie’s birthday. Sunday night Duane and Prudy are coming over for dinner so we can celebrate Duane’s birthday. Should be a fun, relaxing weekend.

The weather today is perfect! It’s cooler and the humidity is lower. It makes me want to break out my jeans, but it will probably get too hot this afternoon for that. Regardless, I’ll take this over the massive heat wave we’ve had lately.

Everyone have a safe, relaxing weekend!

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