Fashion Wasteland – The Fall Edition

Now that September is here, my thoughts turn to fall fashions. Never mind that it’s still warm and humid outside – I still have a burning desire to put away all summer clothes and wear boots and jeans. However, common sense tells me I need to hold off on that for a while or sweat to death attempting to force the season. [Cindy wrote]( recently about how there are no longer any hard and fast rules for fashion once the seasons change. Most magazines will tell you to pair your eyelet skirt with dark tights for the fall or throw a jacket over a gauzy blouse. While I’m all for bending (and breaking) the rules, some things are just too ingrained in my head to change. For example, I’d feel silly pairing an eyelet skirt with dark tights so it’s going into storage. So what’s a fashionable girl to do? I say, listen to yourself and wear what makes you feel good. Here’s how I’m going to segue into fall:

* Jeans are slowly taking the place of my crop pants. I’ve long given up keeping a fake tan going so I need to cover this glaring white limbs. I’ll be wearing jeans with my t-shirts and sandals for now.

* My white pants are going straight into fall with black tops and shoes. I didn’t wear them much this summer because it was too hot, so now’s the time to get them out. Plus, I think white jeans are great paired with dark jackets for fall.

* I’ll be wearing my summer tank tops under jackets. It’s all about the layering.

* Any crop jeans or pants I choose to wear will be paired with flats and patterned hose once it gets cooler. I love a skinny ankle pants with flats and a jacket.

I also want to embrace some of the fall trends so I thought I’d share some of my favorites. Grey is the new black (I know, I know, every season has a “new black”). What I really think this means is you should look for new basics in grey rather than black this year. I have a terrific pair of charcoal pants I got at Target (I mean Tar-jay) last year and I predict they will be worn quite a bit again this year.

Purple is a hot, hot color and is popping up everywhere. If you’re not comfortable wearing it near your face, or at all, try some deep purple accessories. Purple shoes will look great with grey or black and will give your outfit a fresh look. I’m on the hunt for a low, patent wedge in metallic purple. Don’t know if it exists, but I’ll be looking for it.

Metallics are also hot again which is good news for those of us who love a little shine. I have two great tanks I bought at The Limited last year that I’ll be putting under my jackets. I talked my mom into a cool, soft metallic purse the other night and I’m hoping she keeps it. Look for deeper colors rather than the old standbys of gold and silver.

Whatever your style or budget, have fun this season with your wardrobe. Break a few rules, add something new and different and walk around with your head held high. You’re a fashionista – now act like it!


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5 responses to “Fashion Wasteland – The Fall Edition

  1. Anne

    Thanks again for relinquishing the cool purse – and for getting me to step out and get a big edgy. See – there may be hope for me after all!

    At least I still have my skinny jeans from last year and I need to get something purple to jump start my fall wardrobe but I’ll hold off on doing too much until you help purge my closet.

  2. You’re so helpful to me! Can I really wear crops with patterned hose/tights when it gets colder? This is really important to me, since I can never find properly-fitting pants that are long enough.

    I’m also planning to invest in some good, long boots this year. That could help with the pant length problem, too…right?

    Did you watch Tim Gunn on Bravo last night? I totally cried. 🙂

  3. Well, I’m happy to help. It all comes from a large selection of fashion magazines and a taste for watching fashion shows on television. I haven’t seen the new Tim Gunn show, but I TiVo’d it and will catch up this afternoon. I love him and can’t wait for the new season of Project Runway to start (which it can at any time, please).

    Staci, yes you can do the hose/crop combo as long as your pants are dark. For maximum leg lengthening, make the pants/hose/shoes the same color. And investing in good, long boots is always a great idea.

  4. michelle

    i totally relied on your advice today. i have an important engagement this evening and had hoped to wear a pair of white pants with a gauzy black top and black sandals. then i remembered that it is september… and there is “no white” after labor day, right? wrong! i’m all for bending rules and starting new traditions. cheers!

  5. Good for you! The outfit sounds perfect for the event. Remember, it’s not what you wear, it’s how you wear it. Go strut your stuff!

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