Back To School

This weekend my old alma mater celebrated its 100th Homecoming. I didn’t attend any of the festivities because of scheduling conflicts, but I did take the informal school tour yesterday. I was curious to see how things had changed in the, ahem, years since I’d graduated. It was fun and fascinating. I was amazed I remembered so much of how things used to be. I realize what I’m about to write will only be interesting to a few people (mainly Cindy) but I just have to share.

First, all of the lockers had been replaced, no big surprise. They are now blue and shorter and wider. Rather than have a hallway of long, narrow lockers, they have shorter lockers stacked on top of each other. All have their own locks built in so there’s no array of different locks. Most of the classrooms have been rearranged. The old Business/Accounting and Typing rooms have been converted to the computer labs (again, no big surprise). While I understand it’s a PC world, at least they had one lone Macintosh in the back. The English department now has only one room and Math has expanded. The language rooms have been moved to the old Art rooms and Art has taken over the Home Ec. room. The biggest surprise was in the Shop/Industrial Art room. It’s now the band room! It looked really nice and I was impressed at how big the band must be based on the set up and all the instruments. The old choir room is now used for Social Studies and the other side is Choir. Except for new bleachers, the gym looked (and smelled) exactly the same. The school unveiled new athletic banners to commemorate the homecoming and I was really unimpressed with them. They are boring and ugly. I did like them being metal so that new awards can be added with a magnetized year, but otherwise, I thought they were overrated.

The cafeteria cracked me up. The decorations were left up from the homecoming dance, themed “A Night At The Laboratory.” Were our decorations really that crappy in HS? I’m sure they weren’t. Otherwise, it looked the same. Same projection booth and stage, same look. Steve and I couldn’t resist opening the door to the food line and I laughed when I saw the old green tile on the floor. It hadn’t changed at all.

We then ventured to the Elementary wing where I wasn’t surprised to see computers on most of the desks. They’ve arranged them so that two students share a computer. The whole look of the classrooms was dramatically different than when I was in school. Mainly because we didn’t use computers back in the old days! Otherwise, I’d say it’s about the same as it always was.

Moving on the the library I was surprised to find they’d flipped the rooms. The elementary books are on the larger side where we used to have study hall and the secondary books are on the smaller side. The librarian explained that it’s because most of the older kids use the MSU library for research, which made sense to me. They had tables with volumes of old yearbooks and I entertained Steve with pictures of myself from the not-too-attractive 80s. I also found a picture of my grandmother in a 1932 yearbook which was cool. Then I found dad’s senior pictures in the 1962 book. Kind-of cool.

It was a fun way to spend an hour on a Sunday afternoon. If you ever have the chance to tour your old school, you should try it. It’s really fun (well, it was for me).


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3 responses to “Back To School

  1. Carrie

    My friend and I tried to tour our old high school together, but the nun at the door turned us down. I would have argued, but she was really scary!

  2. Anne

    So glad you got to return to GHS – I was wondering if you partook of any of the festivities. That’s neat that you found Nana’s picture from 1932 – that was just a couple of months before she married Papa.

  3. Michelle

    Hi!! I think I tried to post something months ago on your blog, but it wouldn’t let me do it! So glad that you like Jack, too. He cracks me up. 30 Rock by far is the best show on TV. That and The Office…

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