On The Road Again

This weekend I’m packing my bags and heading to Memphis for the annual Repair Days event at the [Metal Museum](http://www.metalmuseum.org/). I’ve never been, but stories of fun (and sometimes debauchery) are legendary. Every year my friend Sarah tries to get me to attend and I always have a conflict. This year, Lori (my studio assistant) and I are headed out for the fun. Here’s what I’m expecting according to the poster:

* Metalsmiths from across the country will be here to solder, sharpen, remove dents, re-tin copper cookware, and repair garden furniture and statuaries. They will sharpen knives, scissors, garden tools and lawn mower blades. They can even straighten out that spoon that was mangled in the disposal! We repair everything but cats, cars and broken hearts! Estimates are free. All proceeds from repair work benefit the Museum. Master Metalsmith Tom Madden will host an opening reception of his work Friday night at 7:00 PM. Saturday is Family Fun Day with activities for everyone! Stick around try some of the world famous stew that will be brewing all day. Auction starts at 7:00 PM on Saturday.

I’ll have stories on Monday (well, ones I’m willing to share anyway). Hope everyone has a good weekend. Steve’s here alone with his Halo 3 so don’t worry about him. He’ll be in the den blowing things up.

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  1. Well this sounds like quite an interesting affair. We shall have to hear all about it when you return.

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