Simply Unimpressed

Curiosity got the best of me and I ventured to Kohl’s to see the latest designer to hit the mainstream market – Vera Wang. Known for her stylish romantic wedding gowns (at staggering prices), I was hoping her design-for-the-masses line would reflect the quality and taste of her couture wear. I was incredibly disappointed. For starters, I didn’t care much for the creations themselves. Voluminous dresses aside, the quality of the material was horrible. Satin, even in its cheapest state, should drape and hang nicely, not stick out and look rough. Her wool polo-style sweater with jeweled buttons was already pilling just from being handled on the rack. If it’s going to pill in the store, it’s going to be a real mess the first time I wear it. I did find a 3/4 length sleeve knit jacket with satin trim that had possibilities so I thought I should try it on and see how it was in real life. The large was actually a bit too big, but told me all I needed to know about the piece: it didn’t fit well. The placket, which closed with two oversized snaps, didn’t lay flat and looked like it was pulling despite the fact the jacket was too big. And none of these pieces were cheap. One dress was $98 and wasn’t lined, had no seaming, and sported a big metal zipper in the back – ugh! Ms. Wang needs to call Isaac Mizrahi to get advice on how to create stylish, quality pieces at lower prices. I’ve purchased several of his pieces at Target throughout the years and have never been disappointed. Matter of fact, I think I’ll get out my IM black satin tuxedo and wear it again this year. It’s a classic style that never fails to get me compliments. And the whole thing was less than $80!


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2 responses to “Simply Unimpressed

  1. Carrie

    And her color palate seems to be limited to gray, black and chewing gum purple.

  2. hmm…you just saved me a trip to Kohl’s. I was curious about this line, too.

    Thank you for the review!

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