Happy Birthday!

Happy birthday to my mommy! She turns…older today. Through the years we’ve had our differences but always loved each other. I’m sure I wasn’t a complete joy to raise, but she managed to love, support and accept me unconditionally. Mom taught me to always write “thank you” notes, enjoy a good joke (especially puns), to admit when I’ve done something wrong then get over it, to respect others, and to vote Democrat (ok, that’s a joke). Mom’s always been a great supporter of my work – especially when I left the “real world” work force to become a metalsmith.

Thanks for everything mom! I hope you have a wonderful birthday today and many, many more!


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2 responses to “Happy Birthday!

  1. Anne

    Thanks to your help in my celebration it has been a fabulous day – I thank you so much for the mushy card, bizarre book (yes, I asked for it!) and the yummy lunch – but most of all for being such a great daughter and one whom I can call my friend despite all the differences we have had in the past. Like the fact that you insist on voting Republican – what are you thinking!?! Just kidding! You continually give me reasons to wear my “proud mom” look and I will always say the greatest experience I’ve ever had was raising you and Ralph (sorry, I had to include her!). I love you very much.

  2. grins The “Vote Democrat” part is a sign of very good parenting! laughs Enjoyed the post.


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