Somebody Call Al

This whole global warming thing is really getting on my nerves. Today it’s in the 70s and our nighttime lows are closer to the normal highs for this time of year. It’s all so depressing. I really don’t know what’s worse: the warmer weather, or listening to people crow about how great it is. It’s not great; it’s completely abnormal! Then again, I’m one of those weird people who get depressed in the summer and happy in the winter. Call me crazy. I’ve been called worse.

Pretty soon we’re going to have to rewrite all the lyrics to our favorite Christmas songs. Instead of “walking in a winter wonderland” we’ll be “walking with our bare feet in the sand.” Somehow I just don’t think Christmas lights look as good on palm trees as they do on pine trees. Plus, I don’t want to sip iced tea instead of hot cider. Guess I’d better get started doing my part to make sure the warming trend stops. Have you recycled today?

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