Corona Christmas

What’s your favorite Christmas memory/story? I just have to share mine of the Christmas when my older cousin and I drank almost an entire case of Corona beer. It probably sums up my lovable, twisted family the best.

It was 1987. Mom and dad were divorced, I was still in college and my cousin, John, had supposedly graduated from MU. I say “supposedly” because no one actually witnessed said graduation and we’ve never seen a diploma. Anyhoo, mom got John a case of Corona as a graduation gift (appropriate since I think all of us honed our drinking skills in college). John turned to me upon receiving said gift and said, “Here Cuz, have a beer.” As it was my first Christmas being 21 and I was thrilled to be sharing a drink with my cooler, older cousin. One beer turned into another, then another, then another. Over the course of the day (about 10 hours), John and I drank all but two of the beers in that case. We were never really drunk, but not completely sober either. My sister and I spent the night at my aunt and uncle’s house so my cousin greeted me the next morning with the last two beers instructing me to finish what we’d started. I’m not exactly sure I drank that beer, but I remember thinking he was crazy. All in all, a fun Christmas memory and one we talk about every year. I wonder if I could do that again? Hmm, I doubt it. My days of being able to handle that much liquor in one day are over. Plus, think of all the calories! I’d rather eat cookies.


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7 responses to “Corona Christmas

  1. Anne

    Ah, the Corona Christmas – I remember it well! When are you going to share the story about Connie’s 125 proof eggnog! I thought of that when I saw the HG recipe for eggnog yesterday. Another good memory – the year Susie didn’t get what she really wanted – a dog. Our lovable twisted family – putting the fun into dysfunctional at every opportunity!

  2. I believe the 125 proof eggnog was the same year. I was so excited for the eggnog until I almost choked on it. I can’t believe it was even opaque there was so much rum in it!

  3. Anne

    I don’t think they were the same year – we had so much ice and snow in 1987 and I think the only guests were Dorothy and Bob who ended up staying at Grammie and Keck’s Christmas night because they couldn’t drive home. We barely made it to Susie’s for dinner that day since we drove from Springfield on Christmas morning after Nana and Papa came over for breakfast. Was the eggnog the same year John and Sherri got engaged – 1993?

    Oh and who can forget Big Anne the beaver – I think that was 1988 or 1989.

  4. Goodness, I never get invited to those sorts of parties!

  5. Carrie

    OK. Here it is. This is what my family has come to know as the: “Death By Chocolate” incident. Not for the squeamish.

    It was about 7 years ago and my hick-red neck cousins were coming for Christmas Eve. My cousin Tim, who was about 32 at the time, arrived and made it a point to tell me that he “hadn’t eaten anything all day to save room for the big meal that he was about to have.” I could smell the alcohol on his breath as he told me and I knew that this wasn’t going to be good.

    I watched him load his plate, go back for seconds, and then hit the dessert table which was filled with a delightful array of chocolate desserts. Well, within minutes of finishing his meal, (as I am sure that you can guess) he was yacking it up in the bathroom. (The bathroom just outside of the dining room of course.)
    The bathroom was a mess. My mother said that he managed to get it everywhere except where it needed to go and that she could tell that he had had a lot of chocolate for dessert.

    To add insult to injury, Tim (32 year old!) then tried to convince my Mother that she should clean it up. Not surprisingly, she was not a taker. He then called his own Mother who did as though she had done this hundreds of times before.

    Why did this happen you ask? Could it have been the day of drinking on an empty stomache followed by binging large quantaties of heavy foods? No, according to Tim this unfortunate circumstance occurred because: “The pop was a little warm.”

  6. Omg, this is hysterical! Carrie, your family is as twisted as ours. I’ll make sure the pop (or “soda” as we call it) is cold the next time we have a party. Wouldn’t want any unfortunate accidents in the bathroom. Of course, the real insult is that he thought it was your mother’s job to clean it up! I’m sure she had a lot of opinions on that one!

  7. Carrie

    Oh yes she did! We thought that we had seen it all from them, but that story became legendary!

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