The Big Lie

Yesterday it was big news. We were going to get hit with a massive snowstorm. Five to ten inches were expected and everyone needed to get out and stock up before it came. Snow was to begin sometime after 9 p.m., continue through the night, let up in the morning, and keep going throughout Saturday afternoon. Last night, we went to a party and I put my snow boots in the car just in case things got bad. When we left at 10:30 p.m. it was raining but I just knew we’d wake up to a world of the white stuff. This morning, I woke up and peered out the window to a big load of…nothing. Just wet ground greeted me. So much for the 5-10″ everyone was predicting. Now they’re saying we’ll get maybe an inch this afternoon. Yeah, yeah, yeah like I’m going to believe that one!

Now in our family “the big lie” has another meaning. Years ago my cousin, John, was visiting my grandfather (Keck) in the hospital. My grandmother (Grammie) asked John if he’d told his wife Sherri that he loved her that day. Grammie said,” I tell Keck I love him every day. I don’t always mean it, but I tell him anyway.” This just cracked us all up and has become known in the family as “the big lie.” So have you told anyone the big lie today?


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2 responses to “The Big Lie

  1. Carrie

    As I was reading your post, Mick happened to walk in and say: “Where the hell is the snow man?” Lies! All lies!

  2. Anne

    We like to “do it” first thing in the morning – and sometimes at night too! Can’t do the Big Lie too often!!!

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