Back in the Saddle

I have a love/hate relationship with the holidays, much like everyone else I suppose. I love them because it’s a time to be with family, bake goodies, celebrate with friends and spend time relaxing. I hate them because there’s never enough time to see everyone, there’s too much rich food, and my schedule gets all messed up. This year, I took two weeks off from my normal workout routine which I needed but I missed at the same time. I also suffered from too much togetherness with family, a normal epidemic for this time of year. Six days before Christmas, Steve had all his wisdom teeth pulled so I spent several days taking care of him. He was an ideal patient and had very little problems, however, he came down with a nasty sinus infection right before Christmas which is still bothering him. Yesterday I confessed to him that I just wasn’t meant to be a long-term caregiver. He laughed and told me I’d taken really good care of him and he appreciated it. This morning, I was ready for him to leave for work and give me a break. I got up, worked out and am now at home getting ready to enjoy some coffee. My day may be boring, but it’s all mine and I plan to enjoy every minute of it!

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  1. Anne

    I’m jealous of your day – but mine will come – 6/6/08!

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