Monday Randomness

Ah, the joys of a new week without a holiday, an event or a major obligation. It’s just so wonderful. It would be perfect if it wasn’t for the unseasonably warm weather we’re experiencing right now. Last week, we were freezing (which is normal for January) and this week we’re sweating. This morning during my workout I had to beg Pavel to turn on the air because I was so hot. Air conditioning! In January!

Today I’m going to do an interview for an article, work in my studio and do more laundry. Who knew that such mundane activities could be so exciting to me? I’ll actually have time to think about dinner tonight and possibly make something. Although, I don’t plan to make it a habit – gotta keep Steve on his toes!

This morning I’m posting from our new computer. Steve, ever the computer wizard, scored a great used Mac from work which replaced our old eMac. We do love a good bargain! This one (and I don’t know the model) has a flat, adjustable screen and takes up much less space on the desktop. Plus, synching my iPod now takes about 1/4 of the time! Very cool.

I’m still on the hunt for new Frye boots. It drives me crazy that no one carries them! One guy at Nordstrom actually told me they were not in style this season. Excuse me?! Don’t tell me what’s in style Mr. Polyestersuitwithawidetie. Fyes are classics which means they never go out of style. Plus, they just look badass. I’m wanting to get something other than my usual [harness]( style, but they are so comfortable I hesitate to change. I have them already in dark brown, black and cognac but they also come in dark red. What to do, what to do. I’m considering [these]( but I don’t like how low the heel is. I also looked at [these]( but am not sure about the rounded toe. Hmm, maybe I’ll just get another harness pair in deep red.

Our Gap Kids is closing at the Mall which means we will have no Gap except for the outlet in Branson, 35 miles away. This is complete bs. I can’t believe we can have a Sephora, a Banana Republic, a Starbucks and rumors of a Coach store but no Gap. I’m about to abandon them completely. If it wasn’t for their jeans and t-shirts, I’d probably never spend another dime with them. Damned Gap, Inc.

Well, I’ve got a shower to take, an interview to conduct and jewelry to make so I’d better go. Have a great Monday everyone.


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3 responses to “Monday Randomness

  1. Cindy

    Did you get this iMac?
    We have it, and not only does it work great, but it looks totally cool (especially when my desk is all cleared off) – Apple always has the upper edge on design. Sadly, ours is nearly two years old, which means in computer years, it is on its last legs. Get ready to fork over more cash …

  2. Cindy

    And my mall no longer has a Gap – at all. I’m irritated with them over their credit card policy, but I still like their jeans. We have Sephora, Banana Republic, Coach, Ann Taylor and Loft, even Build-A-Bear, but no Gap. No idea why – part of our mall overhaul. I guess the people don’t want it? But no one asked me.

  3. No, I think our Mac is one version older. It has what looks like a 1/2 ball as the base. It was extremely cheap and works great for our needs. Since Steve has a new laptop and I don’t really care, a couple of versions old is good for us. Steve’s got it all maxed out with ram and it’s much faster than our old one. As long as it runs the latest programs, I’m happy.

    Gap is on my s*&% list right now. I remember when our adult clothing store closed the manager told me she was surprised since it was the highest ranking store in the district. I suspect this all has more to do with our mall (a Simon property) and less to do with Gap. We have an abundance of teen stores but I don’t need/want another Hollister, Abercrombie, American Eagle, PacSun, Charlotte Russe, Forever 21 or any other cheap, crappy clothing store.

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