First Assignment

Monday I received my first assignment and, let me tell you, I wasn’t thrilled. Rather than make jewelry (I love to work with tiny things) we were asked to create a scale model of a table. This model is to be no smaller than 1/10 the intended finished size and must keep everything in perspective. At first I thought, “um, I don’t think so,” then I figured I’d do it because I’m an overachiever who refuses to back down from an assignment. Plus, Kevin told us he would be teaching us scale drawing (which I’ve never done), photographing said table and entering shows. The idea is that the best tables will be submitted to [Lark Books]( for their 500 series. Today we’re supposed to have 10 drawings of table ideas. I’ve been working on some and the best idea I have so far is a dining room table with a grow-you-own centerpiece. It will have a removable rectangle in the center that sits flush with the surface and you can plant your own flowers, decorative grass or plant. Hokey? Maybe. We’ll see what happens in class today. I still have time to come up with something else semi-exciting.

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