Rock On

I’m not one to play video games. I didn’t do it much in the 80s and never got into them later in life. Until now. Last weekend Steve and I bought [Rock Band]( for our Sony X-Box (well, Steve’s X-Box) after playing it at Matt and Sarah’s house a couple of weeks ago. Little did my mom know, when she was paying for my voice lessons back in the 80s, that I would be using my skills to score 98% singing “I Think I’m Paranoid” by Garbage. Yep, I’m sure she’s proud. The game has you form a rock band, ours is called The NeverNudes, create your persona (I’m Lindsay and Steve is Tobias), then play or sing and score points to win money and gigs. If you don’t play well, you get booed off the stage, but if another player is doing well they can save the band. Right now we have instruments for three players – drums, bass/guitar, vocals – but we can add another to form a complete band. Except The NeverNudes have room for only one more player (Maeby). If you don’t understand the meaning of our band’s name or our personas then you’ve obviously never watched Arrested Development.

It’s a fun game, but actually challenging. The drums are the hardest instrument and I can only play them on the slow songs. The bass is pretty easy and vocals are a snap for me, but I have yet to try guitar. All in all, the most fun game I’ve played in a long time. Now I just have to “earn” the rights to play more songs. Guess I know what we’ll be doing this weekend!


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6 responses to “Rock On

  1. Cindy

    If it were available for the Wii, we would have it – yet another game for Alison to beat me at. But it does look fun.

  2. You read my mind – that’s exactly what I was thinking 25 years ago. “I sure hope Tammy grows up to be in the NeverNudes and score 98% on a game!” I’m betting your voice coach would be proud of you too! Just don’t forget to add this accomplishment to your resume.

  3. That sounds like such fun! And I recognized the “NeverNudes” reference right away.


  4. Sony X-Box? Ouch! It’s Microsoft Xbox 360…

    It’s been a blast playing with Tammy in a band since she sings so well. When I’m drumming, she can “save” me and the band with those awesome pipes!

  5. Hell if I know what it is. Be glad I got Xbox right!

  6. Gregory Holman

    I just can’t over Steve’s nickname being Tobias.

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