Give 'Em The Boot

As I mentioned, a couple of posts ago, Steve and I gave each other new boots for our anniversary (which is officially 2/29). I wore mine all week until the weather got bad and I didn’t want to risk getting them wet! They have been comfortable since the first day and now I’m a huge fan of the brand, Old Gringo. Unfortunately, they are a bit pricey so I’ll stick to this pair until I can afford another. Who knows, maybe this will become a tradition for us. Here’s a picture of my boots:




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2 responses to “Give 'Em The Boot

  1. These are great! I have the nicest pair of Guess cowboy boots in red & black, and I love them…but I never wear them. I can’t seem to put together an outfit that really works with ’em. How do you wear yours?

    (Geez, I live in Texas now. One would think I could work this out for myself.)

  2. I just wear mine with jeans and sweaters or t-shirts. Last night I wore them to a party with my darker jeans and a velvet blazer. I plan on wearing them in the spring with my short sleeved t-shirts or sweaters. I just don’t wear them with all western stuff since I don’t want to look like a cartoon!

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