Going To Great Lengths

Thank you, Gap Inc., for once again pissing me off. First, you close your adult and children’s stores in our local mall, now you’ve decided to change the lengths of your jeans. I am not excessively tall (5’8″) but I have long legs. I used to be able to go into the Gap and buy the Long and Lean style in a long length. I actually bought two pair late last summer and the length was perfect to wear with boots. Then, suddenly, all jeans I tried on were too short. Yesterday, Steve took me with him to Rogers, AR where I anticipated purchasing new jeans at their Gap. Nope. I tried on 6 pairs and all were too short. Several were even too short to wear with flats and all were marked “long” length! I was beginning to wonder if I had suddenly became a freak of nature.

Upon our arrival back home I went online to check out the lengths. I found the answer to my problem: long length was listed as 34 1/2″ inseam which is what I wear with flats. Now I have to buy the Extra Long or Tall length. Grrr, this is going to mean only online shopping and a return hassle since there isn’t a store nearby. I ordered 6 pair since Steve and I will be in KC next weekend and I can return the ones I don’t like. I’m keeping my fingers crossed that at least one pair will work!


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2 responses to “Going To Great Lengths

  1. This is bad news…thanks for saving me a (frustrating) trip into The Gap!

  2. Sorry to break it to you, but I guess it’s better to hear it from me than to get mad in the Gap!

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