Leap of Faith

Twelve years ago, or three if you count Leap Years, Steve and I took the plunge and got married. It was a whirlwind romance that had him proposing after two months and us getting married after eight months. Needless to say, many thought I’d lost my mind. I think only my sister and dad thought I was doing the right thing. Fast forward to today and we haven’t killed each other yet! To celebrate, we’re spending the day doing some of our favorite things. First, we’ll go to Kansas City (where we honeymooned ’cause we were poor), we’ll eat some great food, shop at Nordstrom’s then end the day with a delicious meal and some good wine. I think I’d marry him all over again. After all, I do have him trained!

Happy Leap Day everyone. Celebrate the extra day by doing something fun and impulsive.


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3 responses to “Leap of Faith

  1. Nancy B

    Happy Anniversary! I enjoyed your mom’s post about you two this morning too… And yes, you do have him trained — I love that you both got boots together – I would love for my husband to enjoy shoe shopping with me – or at least tolerate it.. he won’t go! And he owns less than 10 pairs of shoes– but I’m working on him! Enjoy your weekend anniversary trip, sounds like it will be full of memories.

  2. Congratulations! What a story!

  3. Gregory Holman


    I miss Tammy!

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