Blue Bird of Happiness

While Steve’s getting ready, I thought I’d take a moment to write about our amazing meal last night. We branched out and tried a new restaurant we discovered on our own. The [Blue Bird Bistro]( is located in downtown KC in an old doctor’s office. While making reservations for Garozzo’s, Steve went to the Open Table website and started exploring restaurants. Blue Bird was listed as organic and had a menu similar to Agrario, a Springfield restaurant that is sadly no longer in business. We decided to be adventurous and try something new. The results were amazing.

We arrived early and were greeted by a really nice hostess who offered us a table upstairs which was more private. Downstairs looked really cool with funky original tile floors and a large bar, but we thought private dining would be better. Unfortunately, the room was not well lit and actually a bit depressing. Our waiter, an amazing guy named Jared, suggested moving us to another room where he put flowers on the table and brought over a candle. Still, it wasn’t quite right. I told Steve I hated to be picky, but I just wasn’t feeling it. Jared, sensing we needed something special, offered to change the music to our tastes. I joked I had my iPod with me so he hooked it up to the stereo and we had our own soundtrack. Now things were getting fun! He brought our wine, a delicious organic Pinot Noir, and we started deciding on dinner.

What a menu! All the food at Blue Bird is organic or locally grown with an emphasis on supporting local farmers and businesses. I just had to have the salmon which was grilled and served with a wasabi butter and spring rolls. Steve had the pork chop served with a blueberry barbecue sauce and mashed potatoes. I also had the Blue Bird Salad which had Maytag Bleu Cheese, candied pecans, fresh greens and blueberry vinaigrette. The salad was one of the best I’d ever had. I was afraid the blueberry dressing might be too sweet (as many raspberry ones are) but it was the perfect compliment to the tang of the bleu cheese. The artisan bread, which came from the bakery next door, was also delicious. Then the entrees arrived. Oh. My. God. This was the best salmon I’ve ever eaten. It tasted like butter. The wasabi butter added a wonderful bite to the fish and the grilling added a nice crispiness to the edges. Steve’s pork chop was anything but a normal piece of meat. It was so tender, it fell apart with just a fork and the pan searing also gave it a nice crispiness. The blueberry barbecue sauce tasted like it had just been made. He ignored the sides, which were good, and dove into the pork.

We were full, but couldn’t resist asking about desserts. Again, we weren’t disappointed. I had the apple crostata which had chopped organic apples and pecans in a delicate pastry crust with organic whipped cream on top. Steve had to have the organic carrot cake as a salute to our wedding cake and, again, it was delicious. Jared, knowing we’d raved about the bread, offered to take us next door after our dinner to meet the owner of the bakery who was baking for the next day.

After this amazing meal, we went next door to [Fervere]( bakery to meet Fred, the owner. He and two of his staff were getting ready for the next day’s baking. This tiny bakery is only open Thursday-Saturday but they pack quite a bit of great bread into those three days. Fred gave us a loaf of the Pain Complet, a whole grain bread made with eight different seeds and grains. He then showed us his oven which is unique in that it’s heated by electricity and the bricks absorb the heat then the bread is baked from just the left over heat. It’s really cool and I’m probably not explaining it correctly, but you’ll just have to take my word for it.

Today we’re off to Lawrence, KS to have lunch at [Freestate Brewery](, do some record shopping and enjoy the sunshine. It’s going to be in the 60s here and I’m in an excellent mood from absorbing all the sun! Have a great day everyone. 

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