It's Official

Anthony and Elizabeth are engaged! For those of you who might not know who I’m talking about, Anthony and Elizabeth are cartoon characters in [For Better or For Worse](, one of my favorite comic strips. My mom and I talk about them like they are real people we know. The great thing about Lynn Johnson’s strip is that the characters age and develop just like real people. Mom and I have been following Anthony and Elizabeth’s relationship since they first started dating in High School. Mom knew they were destined to be together but Elizabeth had other suitors and I wasn’t exactly sure. In the meantime, Anthony got married, had a child and then became a single parent when his wife divorced him. Elizabeth had her share of boyfriends along the way too. My sister says Anthony carries too much baggage for Elizabeth, but I think they make a good couple.

When mom called me this morning and left an excited voice mail about “something in the paper,” I knew I needed to get home and read FBOFW to find out the status of our two lovebirds. It feels like someone in our own family is engaged. Cheers to Anthony and Elizabeth. May the live happily ever after in the funny papers.

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  1. Carrie

    That cracks me up. When I used to work at the paper I had a woman that called and admitted that the only reason that she was subscribing to her 7 day a week subscription was because of FBOFW. She had let it go for about a week and couldn’t take it without her comic strip anymore.

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