Lately, it seems like everything I love is being discontinued. Ok, maybe not everything but certainly my most beloved products. It all started with a little Lipglass by [MAC](http://www.maccosmetics.com/) called Taupe Notch. This lovely frosty beige-nude color was perfect on its own or over my favorite lipsticks. I went through two tubes  before discovering it had been discontinued. The hunt began! Thanks to MAC’s “Gone But Not Forgotten” program I now have three tubes in reserve. Don’t know what I’ll do when I run through them, but I hope they have another color I love equally by then.

Then I went bra shopping. Now, as I am with just about everything in my life, I am very particular about my foundation garments. And, being a, ahem, busty gal, I do like to make sure everything stays up. Bra shopping is a chore because I want the bra to look pretty, be comfortable, not create back fat (I have plenty on my own) and keep the gals supported. I recently found the perfect Wacoal bra at my fave local place, [The Lingerie Boutique](http://www.417mag.com/417-Magazine/October-2006/Under-Where/). They had one in my size. They couldn’t get any more. They were…discontinued. Off I went into the world of eBay where I found two in black, but I was still lacking another one in nude. So I returned to The Lingerie Boutique yesterday to find a substitute. I found one. I love it. It’s also discontinued. Grrr.

Today, I needed some new hair gel so I went to [Beauty First](http://www.beautyfirst.com/) so I could use my $10 off coupon. While browsing (’cause I never know what other goodies I’ll find) I discovered my favorite hair spray in the half off bin. Two cans were left and I was thinking I scored a good deal. Then, while I was checking out, the manager informed me that these were the last cans and I should buy them when I see them because the company was, you guessed it, discontinuing the hair spray.

Maybe this is God’s way of telling me I’m in a rut and need to try new things. Or perhaps it’s just that I tend to fall in love with things that are in short supply. Regardless, I’ll be enjoying my items until I get close to running out and then the hunt will begin for the perfect substitutes.

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