Gimme Five

Actually, it’s more like “take my five.” This week I reached my first weight loss goal of losing five pounds. I also had my body fat measured and am now down 8.5% which puts me in the healthy range. What all this working out is doing for me is making me feel better about myself which makes me feel more confident. Sure, I’m still five pounds away from my final Weight Watchers goal, but right now I’m stronger and healthier than I have been in quite some time.

Heck, I might even buy a swimsuit this year and actually wear the darned thing!

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  1. Way to go – I know you’ve worked hard to reach this goal and I’m proud of you. Hopefully the next 5 won’t be quite so hard. Keep up the good job. Loved the monkey post – very educational – kind of like Discovery Channel’s “How Things are Made”!

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