School's Out For Summer!

School is officially over and I now am faced with an empty schedule. Plans this summer include cleaning the basement and studio, pushing myself creatively and experimenting with enamels. In case anyone is interested, I did receive an “A” in my class, but more importantly, I received some really nice words from Kevin. It was a good end to a class that was often frustrating for me. Kevin and I butted heads in the beginning and many of the students annoyed me with their lack of work, but I did learn some cool new stuff. I’m actually considering setting up a powder coating area in the studio. I swear, my work area gets bigger and bigger each year. Perhaps I should tighten things up a bit.

Speaking of work area, as many of you know I had new windows installed. They are wonderful except now anyone can see into my studio. I don’t think it’s too obvious from the street, but I still don’t want strangers to have a clear view of my tools and supplies. I planted window boxes outside the windows, but still think I need more privacy without sacrificing light. Suggestions?


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3 responses to “School's Out For Summer!

  1. Carrie

    I don’t know if the new windows were more for the light or the view, but I actually have window clings (cut to size) that make your window look frosted. (No tacky design like you may have seen with other window clings.) I bought two rolls to do our bathroom windows and just used one. I have lost the receipt to return the other roll, so if you want it… it’s yours!

  2. Great idea, Carrie! I’ll take it and will pay you for it. I do like the view, but think I need to keep security in mind in my studio. I can just do those two windows. The other four will be fine.

  3. annej

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