Gettin' Crafty

Years ago my dad gave Steve his old red [Craftsman tool chest]( It has four shallow drawers on the top piece, and two drawers and a large cabinet on the bottom piece. Steve was thrilled and put it in the garage for all of his tools. Fast forward several years and I have a metals studio started in our basement. Steve had mentioned the tool cabinet a few times and offered to clean it out for me to use, but I declined thinking I hated him to give up such a nice cabinet if he really needed it. Finally, this weekend, Steve told me he really didn’t use it and I could have it. He took apart the two pieces and now I have a lovely four-drawer unit on top of my bench and the two drawer/cabinet unit under my soldering table. Everything is getting so organized! I’m still cleaning up the window installation mess in the basement, but things are slowly getting organized and cleaned. I’m gearing up for what I hope is a creative and productive summer!

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