Rain, Rain Go Away

I had plans this morning that did not include rain. I was going to get up early, go to Lowe’s, stop by the Farmer’s Market, come home and plant flowers. Instead, I awoke to thunder and lightening and there’s no end in sight. Steve and I have been enjoying a relaxing morning in our “coffee area” in the kitchen hoping for a break in the weather, but it hasn’t happened. I guess we’ll spend the day working inside which is a good thing as our house is a pit. Hope wherever you are is sunny, warm and wonderful.


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2 responses to “Rain, Rain Go Away

  1. Cindy

    90 and humid here in the greater Houston metropolitan area; I am sitting outside at a swim meet. If those kids’ kick that ball in my tent one more time, i’ll be kicking someone’s ass.

  2. Cindy

    poops – pardon the typos. iPhone blogging is somewhat imprecise.

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