Something's Fishy

Saturday eventually got better after the rain stopped and the sun came out, even if it was humid. Sarah and Dennis came over for dinner and the food was amazing. Per Sarah’s suggestion, Steve went to our newest fish monger, Captain Craig’s, for some wild salmon and sea bass. Both were spectacular pieces of fish. We seasoned the salmon with our favorite, [Penzey’s Northwoods](, and did a [Trinidad]( mix on the sea bass. Thanks to Steve’s amazing ability to perfectly grill, both were outstanding. The Trinidad seasoning made the sea bass taste buttery and the salmon was rich and zesty. I made a mushroom 7-grain pilaf and Sarah brought a spinach salad made with greens from her garden. We topped off the meal with some white wine, strawberry shortcake and a rousing game of Spades. All in all, a great start to the holiday weekend.

Today we’re off to [Greg and Steve’s]( for a late lunch, then a possible dinner/Trivia Night with Matt, Sarah, Mick and Carrie at [Patton Alley Pub]( Tomorrow is dinner at Duane and Prudy’s. So much for a relaxing weekend at home!

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