Happy Birthday

Happy Birthday to one of my dearest friends, [Cindy](http://herethereandback.blogspot.com/). Today she turns…another year older. We met the first day of fourth grade and became fast friends. My fondest memories are of sleepovers at her house (she had a pool!), listening to Squeeze Singles (I still have the cassette tape she gave me), Bell Choir performances, yearbook staff (she was a great editor), the 1984 Loverboy concert and coordinating our first day of school outfits. Through the years she has done her share of globetrotting while I stayed here in Springfield, but I always enjoy the time we spend chatting on the phone or via email. She has raised three beautiful daughters and manages to look almost the same as she did in college (damn her!). She’s opinionated, smart and funny which is why I love her.

Cindy, I hope you have a wonderful birthday. I’ll be calling you later to say “hello” and give my birthday greetings.

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One response to “Happy Birthday

  1. Cindy

    Such kind words – and I was a little stunned, considering that I abruptly ended our phone conversation and never called you back, but now I see that you wrote this before you called, so you didn’t know that I would cast you aside so quickly …

    And you can say how old I am – if only because you are the same age (or will be next month). Thanks for the birthday wishes!!

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