Whirlwind Weekend

It was a very busy weekend here at Chez Kirks so, rather than go into extensive detail, I thought I’d sum up some of the best parts. Note: most of them revolve around food.

* Wild King Salmon and sea bass with Sarah and Dennis. 

* [Greg’s](http://gregoryholman.blogspot.com/) Coq Au Vin – heaven on a plate.

* Brown-braised pearl onions and fresh sauteed mushrooms – perfection!

* Steve Moore’s crepes with fresh strawberries – a delicious end to our meal.

* Watching Heathers and laughing at all the horrible ’80s fashions.

* Curling up on the sofa with Rufus, Steve M’s adorable Pomeranian/Jack Russell Terrier mix.

* Smoked burnt ends by [Matt Kerner](http://www.kerner.net/) – so much culinary decadence in one weekend!

* New socks made by [Sarah Kerner](http://beautyschooldropout.net/) – I love how talented my friends are!

* Zesty bar-b-que sauce, spicy salsa, chips and Starbucks Java Chip ice cream.

* Duane’s fresh margaritas – the secret is the fresh-squeezed lime juice.

* Prudy’s gourmet meal – too many goodies to discuss.

* Fresh berries atop lemon shortcake – yum!

* Getting to know Pam and Jan better and laughing so hard our sides hurt.

* Spending a long weekend with great friends.

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