The 300 Workout

Pavel has decided to train his own army of Spartans. Based on the [workout]( used to train the actors for the movie, “300,” we’re all being tortured, ahem, I mean trained, with the same workout. I really thought I was in good shape until I started this last week. This is what happens when I ask for a challenge. The idea is to complete a total of 300 reps between seven exercises without stopping or pausing. The first time I did it Pavel had me do two sets of 15 reps per exercise with about a minute between sets. Today I did two sets of 20 reps per exercise then he made me do extra abdominal work. I’m beat! Here’s a rundown of the exercises:

Start with pull-ups. Pavel does spot me on these, but they’re still damned hard!

Next is deadlifts.

Then push-ups. He yelled at me for using my knees, but that’s the best I can do.

Next is the [Clean and Jerk]( which is really, really hard.

Then comes something called the [Viper or Floor Wiper](

After that, you do a standing jump onto a bench, which sounds easier than it is. Try it. Seriously, it’s hard.

After all that fun, you end the workout with another round of pull-ups.

Sounds like a good time, doesn’t it? Actually, once all the torture is over I felt like I’d accomplished something. Last week, however, I needed a nap by mid-afternoon. We’ll see how well I do today!

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