To Move Or Not To Move

That is the question. Last weekend we found our dream house, but ended up losing it when someone beat us to the contract signing. We were disappointed, but learned a valuable lesson on being prepared. We went home and have now started the process of fixing all the things we’ve been overlooking for the past 10 years. Sure, our house is cute, but we’re now trying to look at it through a buyer’s eyes. 

First up is purging all the crap we’ve held on to for so many years. I’m not opposed to keeping certain things for sentimental value, but most of it is going. We’re planning a monster garage sale in late June. Anything of real value we don’t want is going on eBay. Garage sale leftovers are being donated. Last night Steve and I spent about two hours working in the basement and got quite a bit done. Tonight is more basement work with yard and garage work coming up this weekend. Don’t you wish you could have a massive “to do” list too?!

After all this work, even if we don’t decide to move for a year or more at least we’ll have a cleaner, neater house. I say it’s a win-win situation.

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  1. Miriam

    I’ve had similar thoughts as we “prepare” to move – that is if our house sells on this crappy market! I thought, “I should just tell myself we are moving every 3-5 years to make me clean up my house!” Let me know when you’re having your garage sale – would love to pick through your discarded items!

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