I have a confession to make. I read knitting blogs. Don’t ask me why because I really don’t know. I don’t knit, have no desire to learn, yet I read knitting blogs. I guess it all started with friend [Zarah’s]( blog, continued with Staci at [Very Pink]( and goes on to my newest find, Wendee at [Knittlesticks]( (who left me a comment today). I guess I’m just intrigued with all the cool things you knitters make and the fact that I don’t understand any of it! It’s like all the pieces you create happen by magic. Anyway, I’ll continue lurking and leaving a comment or two and I hope everyone does the same here. Happy Friday!


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2 responses to “Confession

  1. Funny…you’re a friend to the knitters of the world. I can’t believe you’re still able to avoid the craft…you haven’t been sucked in yet…


  2. I do the same things with cooking blogs. I love to cook – don’t get me wrong – but I’m not a ‘foodie’ really:).

    I love reading your blog, Tammy. Your voice and point of view on things are great. Thanks for making my ‘lurking’ worthwhile:).

    Celeste Green

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