What do Springfield, MO and Iowa have in common? We’re both dealing with flooding. Yesterday, we received a record 3.88″ of rain in about 6 hours which lead to all kinds of pandemonium here in the city. Of course, we have water in our basement. As I was watching the deluge I thought perhaps I should roll up the carpets and prepare for the worst. I was all excited when nothing was happening until I saw a tiny trickle of water coming in under the stairs. Crap. That could only mean the worst was to come and I did. I finally decided I wasn’t going to stay around here watching the water so I did what I do best: I went shopping. The highlight of my day (besides the two beers I had at Happy Hour) was scoring a gorgeous black linen tunic for 75% off. It was one I’d tried on about 6 weeks ago and loved so much I almost paid full price for it.

This morning I have to model in a fashion show (why do I let myself get talked in to these things) then I’ll be coming home to work in the basement. Thankfully, Steve’s being really sweet and is going to do a bunch of wet basement work before I get home. Hope your day is sunny and dry!


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  1. Kathy Creasman

    Hello Tammy – I’m not sure u will remember me because I only met you once or twice when you first married. I don’t blog but have recently been using Skype to see and talk to our daughter Debi – she is currently in Italy until the end of August. I had Steven on my Skype list from many moons ago and found this website because it was attached to his profile. By the way – I love the 75% score on the black tunic (my kind of shopping). 🙂

  2. Yikes – I had no idea how bad it was in Springburg until we called our dog-sitters yesterday and they said our pool was about to overflow and they were going to call us to find out what to do about it. Good news is the pool is perfectly clear but I’m betting we have water in our basement too.

    Tell Steve thanks for the WordPress tip – that worked. I had googled the login but it didn’t take my name and password for some reason.

    Hope you are staying dry today. It’s warm (82) and sunny in LA. Loved the knitting comment and I will bookmark her blog when I get back. You know I’m always looking for fun (and easy – I’m not nearly as advanced as SK) patterns and love to make things for you.

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