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[Kevin Kelly]( recently posted his list of books that changed his life which got me to thinking about important books in my life. I’ve tried to keep these in chronological order, and have probably left out many of them, but here’s my list. If you post a list on your site, leave a comment and let me know.

Charlotte’s Web – Man, that book just tore me up. I remember I was reading it in the car when I got to the part where Charlotte died. It was the first time I remember a book making me cry. My mom asked me if I was ok and I said yes, but I was so sad.

Where The Red Fern Grows – Another weeper, but a great book nonetheless. I was reading it in bed with my sister and started crying. She made fun of me for crying over a book, but she reacted the exact same way a few years later when she read it. Of course, I didn’t make fun of her for crying. Ok, I did, but she deserved it, the little twerp.

Dune – Although I can’t really remember much of the book, or the entire series, it was the first really difficult book I ever read. I was in Junior High when I discovered the series and decided to challenge myself by reading all of them. I don’t think I’d ever have the patience to do that today.

The Stand – After my round with Science Fiction, I decided to tackle Stephen King. The Stand was the first book I read by him and remains a favorite. I think it’s his best work.

To Kill A Mockingbird – This was actually part of our HS English curriculum but I was encouraged by our teacher to read it before it was assigned. It was the most amazing book I ever read. I finished it before the assignment then read it again for class. I now re-read it almost annually. It never fails to reveal something new to me.

Jane Eyre – I just loved this book because it kept me on my toes. I wanted Jane and Mr. Rochester to get together so badly but time and time again the relationship seemed doomed. They were both so lonely but so in love. Plus, Jane needed to remove that stick up her ass. She was way too proper when she met Mr. Rochester.

In Cold Blood – My introduction to the True Crime genre and still my favorite True Crime book. It is so amazing to me that someone could kill another person. This book gave the Clutter family such a voice, but also made the killers real people. Yes, it’s a horrifying read, but a really good one.

Helter Skelter – This one took me three tries to read. I never could get past the actual killings to get on with the trial of Charles Manson. Once I actually got past the gore, it was a fascinating read. Charles Manson is completely crazy, but the really interesting part is reading about his followers. I am still fascinated by him and his “family.” I’ve read all the books by Vincent Bugliosi because he makes the legal aspect of the trials so fascinating.

One Hundred Years of Solitude – This was a toughie, but I felt like it was something I was supposed to read. I started it, put it down for about six months, then started it again. Once I got into the book, it was really good. For me it was about finishing it more than anything else.

I could go on and on about all the books that have changed my life, but these are some of my favorites. What are yours? Post a comment and let me know.


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2 responses to “Book 'Em

  1. No wonder you liked In Cold Blood. I was reading it when you were born. Your dad got it as a Father’s Day gift fr Grammie and Keck. I remember I was reading Fountainhead when Ralph was born.

  2. I read Rudyard Kipling’s Jungle Book when I was in third grade and it was probably the single most impactful book I’ve read in my life. In addition to the content, the moral lessons, the adventure in a place I could only imagine through a book, the level of comprehension showed me that I could grow my brain through reading.

    I wanted to give up on it several times, but a great teacher helped me through it.

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