When I tell you what I’m doing, I know all of you will be jealous. Ready? I’m having a garage sale. But wait, it gets better. For the first hour of the sale it rained buckets. Matter of fact, for the FOURTH time in two months, we have water in our basement. I think I’m going to Bass Pro later to buy an outboard motor for my car.

The morning actually began on a funny note as Steve greeted me with a hammer and, “You won’t believe what’s in the garage.” A raccoon had decided to get out of the rain and was hanging out behind the clothing rack on a back shelf. Poor little thing was terrified and we tried to leave him alone so he could escape. After about two hours, he finally made his way out the side of the garage. He was so cute! I named him Henry.

Once the rain was over, the sun came out because the day wouldn’t be complete without extra humidity. All I can say is that this crap had better sell because I’m about to drop kick it to the curb. To add insult to injury, now my iPod isn’t working after I tried to plug it into the dock which had apparently gotten wet. I haven’t even made enough money to pay for a new one!

I swear, this is the last (I mean it) time I’m doing this. Goodwill can have this crap in the future. I don’t need the money that badly.

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